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Bass Guitar

Best Bass Guitars on the Market

Bass players get no respect. In most bands, the small amount of the spotlight that isn’t taken up by the lead singer is usually snapped up by the lead guitarist. For every bass superstar like Flea of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, there are a few bassists like Led Zepplin’s John Paul Jones, who was content to stand in the shadows and drive his band on. While bass players don’t generally make the front page, good bassists will make his band go, and if you want to sound like the best, it is crucial to invest in a good quality bass guitar. Here are some of the best bass guitars on the market. Guitarist is one important part of the group, don’t under estimate them.

Fender’s American Standard Precision Bass Guitar is right at the top of the market, thanks to its robust, buzz-free sound and excellent playability. It features a classic light wood finish that looks great and a graphite-reinforced neck. It also comes with responsive, lightweight tuning pegs that won’t slide out of tune easily, as well as a real high quality bridge that doesn’t buzz. Bass playing is all about hitting the right notes precisely, and this bass does a great job of that. Fender has equipped some of the biggest acts in rock history, and it’s not hard to see why. Its only real drawback is its $1200 price tag, which makes it not a great choice for most beginners.

There are lots of musical instruments to use and these bass guitars played a very big role in every musical presentation. Most guitarists are very eager to use bass guitar for their musical concert because they think they are celebrity in concert performing in front of many people.

As you’d expect, the bass guitar market is very competitive, and the Fender model has lots of excellent competition. Epiphone’s Jack Casady Signature Bass Guitar is a fantastic bass that has been around since the 60’s. Endorsed by the legendary Hot Tuna, Jimi Hendrix, and Jefferson Airplane bassist, the Casady sports a semi-hollow body that offers even more depth to its sound, a long-scale neck, and a low-impedance pickup with a 3-position Varitone switch. Add all those things up, and you’ve got a bass with an extremely rich sound and tons of presence.

Finding the best bass guitar is not hard to do. There are so many bass guitar that are being sold online and the most important is, you can save time and money looking for one.

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Another classic bass that should be considered is the Rickenbacker 4003 Bass Guitar. The long-necked bass offers a rich sound and a timeless look that is very easy to play. Its receded body allows easy access to all of its upper-register frets, which opens up your playing to a whole range of upper-range tones. It has been a popular bass for years, and you’ll realize why if you give it a try. checkout their latest news posted at

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