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Bass Guitar

Your Guide to Buying the Best Bass Guitar

If you’re looking for a bass guitar to purchase, then you already understand that there is no doubt  in the quality of a great bass guitar’s elegant sound. It might seem intimidating trying to find the perfect bass guitar to compliment what you want in a guitar, but it’s alright, this guide will help you find the perfect guitar for your needs.

Which tonewood should I look into?

A number of factors go into the result of the tone when it comes to tonewoods. Many experts believe that the wood in the guitar is what really makes the guitar sound the way it does. That is why the difference in tonewoods is so different. With Ash and Alder, both have an evenly balanced tone that resonates in rich and harmonizing tones. The wood itself also has a very appealing texture(visually). Mahogany basses has a low resonance and low register. Agathis is a very popular wood-type for beginners, as it is relatively cheap and its tone is in the middle between ash & alder and mahogany. Basswood is very popular amongst professional players who play amongst a wide range of tones; providing extremely soft tones and a shorter sustain for faster playing techniques.Lastly, maple provides infatuating crisp tones and sustain.

Precision compared to jazz bases.

Really when it comes to choosing either precision or jazz basses is the body design, the neck, or the pickup. The body of the precision bass’ has double cutaways and forward-raked designs that were like nothing before when it was first designed. The sculpted recessions at the bottom and top made it fit more comfortably to users. The jazz bass’ has an offset-waist body, which moved the entirety of the guitar outwards towards the player. The neck of the precision model maintains a consistent thickness and shortens ever so slightly, where the neck of the jazz model has a much narrower spacing at the nut of the guitar, which most players feel gives it an easier time playing.

What to look for in a bass guitar.

In any bass guitar there are important things to look out for in the actual guitar itself. If you are looking to buy an electric, you should expect a solid body style, where as in an acoustic you should expect a hollow body style. On your bass, the neck should fit your hand’s size, where shape does not necessarily matter. If you are buying a 4 string guitar, a shorter scale is more acceptable, but for and other size, a standard scale should be available on your bass. You should make sure to have enclosed machine heads on your bass, as they resist rust better and don’t require as much replacement as others may. Neck-through basses are stronger, whereas bolt-on basses are less reliable and are more likely to have dead-spots.

In the end, most of these considerations aren’t actually as important as they may seem. Sometimes all it takes to figure out which bass guitar is perfect for you, is to just pick one up and play it. So go down to your local guitar store and take a look, as opposed to buying online. And in the worst case scenario, you can always return it(as long as it isn’t damaged). Happy Searching